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10 Website Conversion Tips

Top 10 Good Website  Conversion Tips In today’s digital world there are always ways of improving your customer experience to ensure that more of your customers convert in sales or leads. You may be surprised how those small elements on your website can have huge differences and more often than not, it’s not clear what isn’t working. Below are our ...

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5 Reasons To Ditch Windows And Switch To Linux

Okay, so you’ve been thinking about switching to Linux, but have been having doubts about it. Scared of what you might get yourself into? You’re not alone. A lot of people go through this phase of uncertainty about switching their operating systems. For many, it’s almost like taking a leap of faith. Linux provides a much secure platform, limited potential ...

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2 Ways to Install Spotify and Listen to Songs on Linux (Ubuntu)


Spotify has created a special place for itself in the heart of music lovers. I, myself am on premium subscription and I must say, it’s full value of money. Now the thing is, when it comes to Windows and smartphones, users can simply head over to the official homepage, download the installer and use the players. But that’s not the ...

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How to Run Linux Commands from Windows Cmd Prompt

We all love to have quite a bit of flexibility with the machines we work on. One such thing I love is to have access to both Windows and Linux on the same system. By this, I do not necessarily mean having both operating systems running on the machine. To experience the charm of Windows on Linux, we may use ...

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How to Get Your Lost Computer back with Prey

A former FBI and NASA employee lost his Macbook Pro during recent riots in London. The laptop was stolen from his apartment. He couldn’t hope that the thief will return the laptop anytime soon. That’s why he installed a small tracking software on his computer which later helped him track down the thief. With the help of London Metropolitan Police, ...

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How to set Windows as Default Boot after Installing Ubuntu

Why do people move to Linux from Windows? We all know that the answer varies from person to person. Some move just because they are tired of continuous security threats, some move because they don’t like their machine to be slow over time, and some hate when their machine halts in a hang. No matter why we choose Linux, sometimes ...

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How To Get Ubuntu Keyboards to Support Multiple Languages

Free and open source operating system Ubuntu has just released its brand new version with a brand new look called Unity. Ubuntu’s latest version 11.04 has the codename Natty Narwhal.  One of the many advantages of Ubuntu is that you can use it in almost any language you’re comfortable with. By default, as usual, Ubuntu loads up with English, but ...

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How To Turn Ubuntu into Mac OS X with Macbuntu

Using a Mac machine is a dream for many people around the world. Those who can’t afford a Mac often search for a way to get their existing computer to look and act more like a Mac. Ubuntu users are no different. The extra benefit of Ubuntu users is that both Ubuntu and Mac are built in Unix, so it’s ...

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