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Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2016

online jobs for college students

College students struggle with the twin pressure of finding a job after graduation and paying off student loans. Indeed, the average student loan debt in the United States for the Class of 2015 is estimated to be a record $35,000. One of the best ways to pay off such a huge debt burden is to look for work-from-home jobs or ...

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3 Ways Big Data Impacts Your Health


Rarely do many of us think about the many ways big data technology has the power to affect our lives. When we do, we tend to think about hot topic issues such as the FBI wanting access to I-phone data or targeted marketing based on our internet searches showing up on our Facebook accounts. We often don’t think about how ...

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10 Website Conversion Tips

Top 10 Good Website  Conversion Tips In today’s digital world there are always ways of improving your customer experience to ensure that more of your customers convert in sales or leads. You may be surprised how those small elements on your website can have huge differences and more often than not, it’s not clear what isn’t working. Below are our ...

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Best Budget Friendly Graphics Cards

PC gamers are one of the most common race you can see in today’s world, while many gamers still prefer their trustworthy consoles considering how they are cheap and they also get a lot of exclusive games, PC gamers on the other hand or mostly veterans. Now the thing with PC gaming is that unlike consoles, it is not a ...

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HTC One X Might Get Android 4.4 in U.S

Few weeks ago, HTC finally announced that the company has decided to abandon HTC One X and the phone won’t get any update beyond the current update (Android 4.2 Jelly Bean along with Sense 5) But now it seems that the company has decided to change their mind and finally started investigating the Android 4.4 Kitkat for HTC One X. ...

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Top 10 Apps for Toddlers on the iPad

Apple’s iPad is undoubtedly an amazing device used for watching movies, surfing the Internet and even reading books. But owning this device when you have toddlers can surely be a big deal. However, handing them the device may lead to a lot of trouble since there won’t be anything for them to do on it, and they’ll probably start messing ...

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