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Windows Phone 8.1; First Impressions

Microsoft went official with the Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this month, and after few days, released the developers preview as promised. Windows Phone 8.1 is the first major update, and will be hitting all the devices running Windows Phone 8.1. The update comes with a host of changes, both major and under the hood. Cortana being one of the biggest. Moving on, the update will be hitting the users who are running Windows Phone 8.1 devices in couple of months. Though the devices which will be running the Windows Phone 8.1 will be launching by the end of this month or the start of next one.

But… as stated before, Microsoft released the update for all the developers, but it’s fairly obvious that not everyone is a developer. So what should we do to get access to the developers build? Well, there are two ways of doing so. You can either pay $19 to Microsoft, that will grant you the permission to publish your apps on Windows Phone Store or you can simply register through App Studio for free, this will also grant you the developer status and you’ll be able to get the Windows Phone 8.1 up and running on the your device. Continue Reading →

Alleged LG G3 Images

We’ve been waiting for LG to announce the successor to the LG G2 as well as the latest flagship LG G3, but over the time, we’ve only heard rumours and speculations about what might be coming. So far, we know that the phone might be coming with a 5.5 inches of QHD display, and some other notable features including the Snadragon 800/801 processor along with 3 gigs of RAM. Then there were some more reports suggesting that the phone will feature a flat UI, we also got our hands on a screen shot to prove that.

Now the latest leak shows us two images of what seems like the Japanese variant of LG G3. The phone is dubbed LG Isai, and should be heading to Japan. The pictures we’ve got our hands on are showing the phone in two different colour and also revealing some interesting information about the phone itself. Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 8.1 Available For Developers

Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this month and as promised, the update is now available for all the developers to try. As for the regular consumers, the phones running Windows Phone 8 will be getting the update in coming months, however, if you’re looking for a phone that runs Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box, they will be launching globally by the end of this month, or by the start of next month.

Joe Belfiore, who happens to be the chief for the Windows Phone Program Management at Microsoft made a tweet showing the screen shot of Windows Phone 8.1 update notification.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy K Goes Official

We’ve been hearing some rumours about the upcoming phone/camera hybrid called Galaxy S5 Zoom. Earlier this month, we heard a rumour that the device will be called Galaxy K Zoom, we were also treated by a leaked image of the phone’s rear. Now, we have an official from Samsung itself that the device exists and will be called Samsung Galaxy K, this confirms the previous rumours as well. Though Samsung didn’t announce the phone as of yet.

Samsung took the stage on Twitter and posted an image of an invite, the company is now sending invites to all the media out there. The event will be taking place on 29th April, later this month and will take place at Red Dot Museum in Singapore, It’s pretty clear from the image that the upcoming device will be known as Galaxy K. The image also reads “Kapture the moment”, this further strengthens the fact. Moving on, it’s being said that the company is launching a new series all together so it’s highly unlikely that the phone won’t have a lot of resemblance to the Galaxy S5. Continue Reading →

Motorola Moto X2′s Teaser is Back

About a week ago, we reported about Motorola’s upcoming Moto X2/X  +1 the successor of Moto X getting teased on Twitter, and today, we have some more information. The source once again is the same as before. For those who don’t know, Moto X’s one of the most redeeming factor apart from the impressive processing technology was the ability to customise every inch of your phone using the Moto Maker. This earned a critical acclaim. Motorola, however, didn’t include the same feature in Moto G.

Now it seems the company’s deciding to bring the same feature back, thanks to evleaks, but there isn’t much information about this being as versatile as the previous one. Evleaks took the stage on Twitter and posted a picture that shows us the colour options you will get to choose for the back plate of Moto X2/X +1. Apart from the colour options, we will also get to choose the type of material we want for the back. The listed materials are wood and leather, each then have different colours as well. In total, there will be 25 options for the back panel of the smart phone.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S5 Region Lock Explained

Back when Samsung released the Galaxy Note 3, there was something else about the phablet as well. Unlike the previous flagship phones and phablets, the Galaxy Note 3 came with a region lock which ended up disappointing a lot of users and raised many questions. We hoped due to a substantial amount of criticism Samsung will eventually get rid of it, but it didn’t happen. Samsung’s put the region lock in their latest flagship, the Galaxy S5 as well, and it works a bit differently than it did before. For example; to get rid of the region lock, users are now required to make a call lasting over 5 minutes before they can fully unlock phone for usage in different regions.

Samsung issued a statement regarding the region locks back in November, last year. According to Samsung, the step was necessary so importing of these phones in grey markets can be put to hold. Though we’re not sure if Samsung succeeded or not. After buying the phone, you’d have to make a voice call that lasts 5 minutes from a specific carrier of that region. Sounds absurd? Continue Reading →

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit Specs Confirmed

Samsung announced the newer generation of wearable back at the MWC that took place in February. Unlike Samsung going in depth about the specs of their latest smart phones, the company decided to stay pretty discrete about the specs of these wearables, but now thanks to SamMobile we have a confirmation on what processors will be used in them. The good news is that Samsung’s decided to power Galaxy Gear 2, and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo with a newer generation of Exynos SoC. As for the Gear Fit, it won’t be using Samsung’s own SoC, but instead of that, it will sport an STM32F439, this chip is a Cortex M-4 chip, and instead of being a whole mobile processor, it’s just a microcontroller, but it packs more than enough power to let the Gear Fit function.

Both the Gear 2 and Gear Neo 2 will be powered by an Exynos 3520 SoC, both the processors will be clocked at 1.0 gigahertz. The report also suggests that Samsung has developed this SoC specially for the wearables. For those who don’t know, Samsung isn’t using the Android this time to improve the battery life of these devices, but instead of that, the devices will be running on Tizen in order to improve the battery. Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead Season 1 Available on Android

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular games on gaming consoles as well as the PC, the game’s been available on iOS for quite some time now. Telltale Games finally decided to release the first season of The Walking Dead on Android as well, the season comprises of 5 episodes, for those who don’t know the game itself isn’t based on the TV series but is based on the original comics that go by the same name. The game itself has been awarded with several accolades including the prestigious game of the year, commonly known as GOTY.

The game is more of a point and click and there’s very little character movement involved, this makes the game ideal for playing on touch screens. Players can tap on highlighted objects and interact with them with pretty ease. As for the story, everything is revealed through interactive cut scenes making you feel like you’re living in the game and watching everything unfold right before your eyes. Continue Reading →