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Big Data for The HR Industry

big data

The word “Big Data” has been thrown around a lot the past couple of years and has now become the new buzzword for 2015. Big data has rapidly made it’s way into the HR industry and people within should embrace it with open arms. According to a 2013 SAS study, more than 1200 businesses that have 100+ staff would have ... Read More »

Website Breaks the Internet

imgur 3

If you frequent forums and sites like Reddit and, you may have already heard about Well, this website grew in popularity when an user started a thread entitled: “I just got this in the mail..” The user (budwik) did not receive just any ordinary package, he received a strong message and some sweet treats to cement the ... Read More »

VoIP – the latest technology in business phone systems


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the delivery of voice communication over the internet – commonly known as IP telephony, internet telephony or a broadband phone service. This system which has been around on the mass market since 2004 has offered small and medium enterprises the opportunity to use ‘big business’ telephone systems at a much cheaper price than traditional ... Read More »

Scientific Reasons for Facebook Addiction

facebook addiction

Facebook addiction is not recognized the same way as other clinical disorders. However, millions of people are hooked into the habit of checking Facebook now and then at the expense of other activities. The social networking sites in general have opened new and convenient communication channels suitable for all aspects of life, be it social, business, professional and other interactions. ... Read More »

The CES 2015: Winners and Revelations


At the beginning of every year, everyone who is anyone descends on the Vegas strip to attend the extremely popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year is no exception, with technology experts and leading brands travelling the breadth of the world to see the very latest in innovation, design and advanced gadgetry. If you have missed the highlights from this ... Read More »

Latest Technology Updates and Trends for 2015

latest technology updates

Technology is the one  trend that is never slowing down. With a great deal of great devices and services still in the works, 2015 is bound to be a exciting year in terms of technological advancement and that is why having the latest technology updates is vital to keep you in the loop in an otherwise very elusive world where ... Read More »

Microsoft Launches Xbox Connected Wearable


Wearable technology is all the rage at present, with an upgraded version of Google Glass set to be unveiled in 2015. While this format of wearable tech has been derided by some, however, it has brought the wider concept into the mainstream and created an array of products and garments that have been welcomed on the market. This has also ... Read More »

The iPad Pro: Will it satisfy the Needs of Gamers

ipad 6 for gamers

While it is common knowledge that the iOS 8 has enabled Apple to offer a more satisfying proposition to gamers, many are wondering whether this will continue as the technology giant rolls out new devices. With an iOS 9 update scheduled for the summer and the iPad Pro also confirmed for a 2015 release, gamers will be keen to determine ... Read More »

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