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Professional Environment for Hard-Working Freelance Professionals

freelance professionals

The growth of the freelance market is undeniable, since in the USA alone the number of freelance professionals has gone past 50 million (34% of the active workforce to be exact).  The situation is the same in all other parts of the world and more and more people each day decide to earn some extra money by utilizing their skills ...

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What Happens To Your Business If Your Network Server Crashes?

What Happens to Your Business If Your Network Server Crashes? If a network failure occurs, a company has to have a recovery plan in place. This plan needs to have an elaborate, step-by-step protocol for how every employee should respond. The presence of this plan creates a definite sense of peace of mind while also eliminating any mystery associated with ...

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Is Technology Making Your Community Safer?


Is Technology Making Your Community Safer? Our lives are constantly surrounded by differing technologies. We wake up to our phone alarms, get ready while streaming music through a bluetooth speaker, work and play on computers, communicate with friends through social media, use big data to map our travel routes, and safely store our valuables using thumbprint technology. These tools have ...

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money From Your Blog

reasons for not making money blogging

A number of bloggers quit blogging because of failure to earn a decent income from it. Earning money from a blog cannot be a matter of pure luck; you will make money only if you put a real effort, deliver great content and follow the best SEO practices. So what’s stopping you? Why aren’t you making money from your blog? ...

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The New Technology That Can Help Big Businesses to go Green

The governments of the world have spoken, and big businesses have to listen. Going green is no longer a nice ambition, it’s a necessity. In Paris last year nearly 200 countries stepped up to sign a deal to place a limit on emissions and cut man’s impact on the planet. The impact every single person has on the environment will ...

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3 Ways Big Data Impacts Your Health


Rarely do many of us think about the many ways big data technology has the power to affect our lives. When we do, we tend to think about hot topic issues such as the FBI wanting access to I-phone data or targeted marketing based on our internet searches showing up on our Facebook accounts. We often don’t think about how ...

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5 Apps that Transport you to the Future


We provide the features of 5 Apps that will Transport you to the Future and they all listed here in lostintechnology.com. 5 Apps that Transport you to the Future Back to the Future made a lot of promises that scientists couldn’t keep. No, you still can’t buy a hoverboard. You can’t even rehydrate a pizza in seconds. Despite these and other ...

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Movavi Screen Capture Review

Movavi Screen Capture Review   If you want to successfully record video footage directly from your PC screen then what you’re looking for is the right screen capture software. With quite a few options available, picking one can be a difficult decision – which is why you should focus on the two areas that matter most: Features, and usability.   ...

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