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Nokia 225/225 Dual SIM Revealed

Nokia just went official with two budget oriented phones that will be running on Series 30+ OS. The phones announced are Nokia 225 and 225 with dual SIM functionality. Both the phones are expected to cost somewhat around €40, and both of the phones will be hitting the shelves in about three months from now. Nokia 225 is the first phone by Nokia that features the biggest screen on a phone with a keypad, Nokia’s decided to put in a 2.8 inches of screen and it will offer a QVGA resolution, apart from that, Nokia 225 also happens to be one of the thinnest phones from Nokia. It is only 10.4mm thick, and the weight is 100 grams only. Pretty good, to be honest.

The Nokia 225 comes with pre-installed Nokia Express browser, it’s a pretty decent browser with the ability to compress data resulting in faster load speeds and lower data charges. That’s not all, the phone also comes with Facebook, Twitter and Bing Search.  Continue Reading →

LG G Watch to Release Before July

Smart watches are the hottest in today’s industry, with Sony and Samsung already having their smart watches on the shelves, it’s time for other companies to step in as well. Yesterday, we reported that Apple’s iWatches will be hitting the shelves in the 3rd quarter, later this year, and now it seems LG is finally stepping up as well and will be releasing the LG G Watch before July comes upon us.

According to Pocket Lint, LG UK has confirmed the release period of LG G Watch, that’s not all, an LG representative has also confirmed that the LG G Watch will be costing less than £180 or €220. This seems like a pretty suitable price point.  Continue Reading →

Apple iWatch Releasing in Q3, 2014

We’ve been hearing some whispers about Apple releasing it’s own smart watch that will go by the name iWatch (pretty obvious) Sony and Samsung are the two companies to announce the smart watches and now it seems that Apple will also be joining them. A rumour straight from Taiwan suggests that the iWatch will be releasing somewhere in the 3rd quarter of this year. Multiple manufacturers from Asia will be joining the supply chain.

As for the production of these iWatches, we initially heard that LG will be taking the helm, but now it seems that Samsung, who also happens to be Apple’s one of the biggest rivals. Samsung will be in charge of all the production of these iWatches as well as the processors that will be used in them. Continue Reading →

More Information About OnePlus One Revealed

OnePlus is a start up company hailing from China and is all set to release their first device, the company was started by former employees of another company from China called Oppo. Now the device we’re all waiting for is easily one of the most hottest on the heels, since it’s official announcement, we’ve been getting updated by more and more news and they just don’t stop. Previously, we were treated by the release date of the phone along with some more information, for those who don’t know, the phone will be launching this month, on 23rd April.

Now the latest news that has been served on a hot platter tells us that the phone will be having 3 gigs of RAM, we previously knew that the phone will be coming with a quad core Snapdragon 801 processor, but the clock speed wasn’t made clear. Now, thanks to the company, we know that each of the core will be clocked at 2.5 gigahertz, respectively.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style Goes Official

Samsung just went official with a low end smart phone what will be running the latest version of Android, the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. The smart phone will be joining the Galaxy Ace family, and will be known as Galaxy Ace Style. The smart phone doesn’t come with any wonders which is quite understandable since the phone is aimed for emerging markets. There’s a dual core processor clocked at 1.2 gigahertz, there’s no word on what technology the CPU will belong to, other than that, there’s a 512 MB of RAM, the phone comes with a 4 inches of screen that offers WVGA resolution. There’s a 5 mega pixel rear camera. As for the software, the phone comes running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, the OS itself is layered by Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI, Samsung’s named the latest UI as “TouchWiz Essence”

The phone will also come with a 4 gigs of internal storage which isn’t much but Samsung’s been generous enough to throw in a micro SD card that will help expand the storage, there’s a front facing VGA camera. Lastly, there’s a 1,500 mAh battery under the hood providing the juice for all the hardware. The Galaxy Ace Style will be available in two different colours; cream white and dark grey. The phone will be launching globally, we don’t have any words on exact date or the pricing of the phone but according to some reports, the phone will be priced somewhere between €200 - €300. You can check out the official press photo of the phone below. Continue Reading →

64 Bit Snapdragon 808 and 810 Announced

We all know Qualcomm for announcing one of the finest and fastest processors in the mobile industry. The company went ahead and finally announced two new chipsets that will be joining the Snapdragon 800 family. The chipsets announced are Snapdragon 808 and 810, both of the chipsets will be 64 bit, and will come with a host of other features as well. Qualcomm has claimed that the chipsets will be performing better than what we’ve been seeing in the latest smart phones, apart from the new architecture, the new chip sets will also bring in the Cat 6 LTE.

The company was keen to point out that the chip sets won’t be available for public use till 2015, means there’s plenty till we see what these chip sets can do. Cat 6 LTE will solely depend on carriers, as for the core design, the company is going for ARM architecture instead of Krait, which would’ve been easier since it belongs to Qualcomm. The new processors will also bring in the support for the latest Adreno 430 GPU as well as the much awaited 4k displays. Continue Reading →

BlackBerry Z3 Emerges in Malaysia

Over the past couple of months, we’ve heard some news that BlackBerry’s upcoming smart phone will be made by Foxconn, now a picture that’s been taken in Malaysia made rounds on the internet and it shows the BlackBerry Z3 in the wild. We already have a slight idea about how the phone will be looking thanks to leaked renders of the phone. For those who are wondering what’s being offered this time. Well, the phone will be having the same specifications as the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30. Then what’s the catch here? BlackBerry Z3 will be the first phone that’s being entirely produced by Foxconn.

For those who don’t know, BlackBerry has a 5 deal contract with Foxconn. Foxconn will be producing smart phones for BlackBerry that will target the markets are emerging and still have low income, in addition to that, Foxconn will be having 5o percent share in all the profits.  Continue Reading →

[Review] Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

Android is one of the most fastest growing mobile operating system we’ve seen after Apple’s iOS. While many prefer the simplistic approach of iOS, those who are always looking for something new found their love in Android which offers limitless customizations, this is the one factor which gives it an edge over other operating systems. Now we all know that almost all the Android users are fond of carrying their data on their Android devices. For younger generation, the data mostly consists of music, videos, games, and a lot of priceless pictures taken with your friend ones. As for the more professional users, documents and other work related stuff are very important.

If you’re an Android user, it’s pretty safe to say that you are familiar with the loss of data which sometimes happens by an accident while you’re trying out something new. Losing a data is quite frustrating specially when you don’t have the back up. This leads to an increasing demand of data recovery softwares for Android operating system. We all know that the data recovery softwares for Windows have been in the market for quite some times now. Now we finally have our hands on a brilliant data recovery software that goes by the name of “Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android” it was initially released on iOS and received a lot of positive reviews, and due to an increasing popularity and demand, the software is finally available on Android as well.

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