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Best Budget Friendly Graphics Cards

PC gamers are one of the most common race you can see in today’s world, while many gamers still prefer their trustworthy consoles considering how they are cheap and they also get a lot of exclusive games, PC gamers on the other hand or mostly veterans. Now the thing with PC gaming is that unlike consoles, it is not a one time thing. If you are planning to play games on full settings and you want your PC to deliver full frames, you will be needing a powerful PC, and a powerful PC in these days isn’t cheap.

There are a lot of components that add up to form a formidable gaming PC, even the most ordinary component such as RAM is now available as gaming RAMs. Anyhow, among all the components, graphics cards, commonly known as GPU (Graphics processing unit) they come as built in on the motherboards however, if you motherboard supports the PCI-E x16 slot, then you can opt for more powerful ones as well that are mainly used for rendering, playing AAA games as well as watching high definition content.

Since the graphics cards’ market is vast and there is plenty to choose from even if you have a specific price tag, people get confused. Here’s the list of best budget friendly graphics card you can purchase, they price tag ranges from $100 to $250 so there’s a lot to choose from.

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[Part 1] Internet Tricks Everyone Should Know

The internet is a fun place to be, and like every other fun place, there are is a countless amount of stuff you can do. More than half of the world is currently on the internet doing all sorts of stuff. When it comes to the internet, there are endless possibilities, from entertainment to professionalism. Internet has it all covered, people have launched successful internet ventures thanks to the Internet, and the same platform have been helpful to a lot of struggling artists out there.

Considering how vast internet is, there are several tricks that a lot of newcomers even some old timers don’t know, while these tricks don’t have a drastic impact on your internet experience, they do however tend to make things a bit more easy and even fun at times. Let’s find out. Continue Reading →

[Part 1] Best Smartphones of 2014

We are halfway through 2014 and during the whole time, we have seen some incredible devices from different OEM’s. Names like Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC and LG played their top game and brought us some over the top smart phones, but apart from the big boys, there was another underdog who was waiting for the right moment. A Chinese start up company named OnePlus that was started by former employees of Oppo; another famous Chinese smart phone brand. OnePlus introduced the company’s first ever smart phone and it quickly got all the attention it deserved. We’ll talk about the OnePlus One in details later.

For now, we have six of the best smart phones that were announced in the past 6 months, while some of them are already on sale, few are still awaiting the release. Despite that, no other smart phone is coming close as of yet. Apple is set to announce its next iPhone this year, but till then, we’d have to make do with the Droids, and among these Droids, there is a Windows Phone device as well. So, without further ado, let’s proceed.

Note: The list isn’t ranking the smart phones, it’s just showing the best ones that were announced/released this year. Therefore, the list isn’t in order. Continue Reading →

Best Tips & Tricks For Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook is one of the oldest and most used email client, despite having some rough times, it always manages to bring something new. A lot of people around the world are using Outlook with complete satisfaction, and the largest user base comes directly from countless offices. It’s easy to use, it gets the job done and it doesn’t put any extra pressure on the machine its being used on. That being said, there are some people who have recently moved to Outlook and are looking for an easy way in.

Considering how the program is heavy on the features, it is pretty normal to get lost while finding your way. You may also find yourself looking to find the useful features in one. Luckily, for all the new comers, there are many tips and tricks you can learn about the Outlook, they are bound to make your experience a lot more easier than you had hoped. These tips and tricks will cover almost all the important features about the Microsoft Outlook. Check them out below. Continue Reading →

Tips to Optimise Your Photoshop Experience

Adobe’s Photoshop is one of the most commonly used image editing software. Ever since the software first came to the industry, it has seen a lot of changes, both good and bad, and now it is widely used by graphic designers all over the world, the software is adored on both large scale and small scale graphic designers. Some people just use it to add some extra flare, while others are known to create masterpieces. Not only the graphic designers, even photographers are using Photoshop to enhance or fix the beauty of the pictures they have taken.

It is quite obvious that a software of such grand scale would need proper resources to run. Having a powerful PC is not a big deal these days since entry level components are available at lesser prices as compared to the old days. However, some people are still using their old, trustworthy computers because an upgrade just for a specific program doesn’t seem all that appealing. Luckily enough, Photoshop comes with a lot of options that can improve your overall experience and result in a satisfaction. While some of them have direct impact on the performance, others have a subtle effect on how things work. If you are an average Joe or you are using the Photoshop after a long hiatus, you might get lost in the options. There’s nothing to worry, we narrow down the best ways to tweak your Adobe Photoshop so you can work without having any confusions.  All you need to do is follow the steps below, but before you do, first go to Edit > Preferences > Performance.

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Sony Xperia T3 Goes Official, Only 7mm Thick

Remember the smart phone Sony teased yesterday? While we were hoping for another flagship device, Sony had something else in mind. The company just went official with their latest smart phone, the Xperia T3. Now the picture that Sony teased yesterday included “the next big thing” now it seems that Sony was actually being literal. The latest phone in the Xperia family is Xperia T3 and it comes with 5.3 inches of screen, the best part about this device is that it is only 7mm thick, now this isn’t the thinnest device we have seen, but it is definitely a good thing.

That being said, the Xperia T3 isn’t aimed for the high end market. The device comes with relatively fair specifications and will be heading to all those who are looking for mid-range devices. The 5.3 inch screen offers a 720p resolution. However, the pixel density is average at 277 ppi. As for the design, Sony didn’t quite compromise on that, the Xperia T3 will offer the same design we have been seeing ever since the Xperia Z, and to be honest, it doesn’t get any better than this. The design is known as OmniBalance. The sides of the phone are made from Metal, while there’s matte plastic on the back. The Xperia T3 will come in purple, white and black. Continue Reading →

HTC One E8 Goes Official

Remember the rumours about a cheaper version of the HTC One M8 that was supposed to be known as HTC One M8 Ace or HTC One Vogue Edition M8 ACE? Well, the device is finally official, thanks to HTC but is coming with a way more simplistic name than the early rumours suggested. Apart from the name change, there are few differences here and there as compared to the original One M8, however, there are possibilities that people would prefer this over the original.

As compared to the aluminum unibody of the HTC One M8, the One E8 will be coming with a unibody made entirely out of plastic probably to lower the production cost, but there’s nothing much to worry about as the E8 is built on the same impressive design its sibling was built on and offers the exact same elegance, just in plastic this time. Due to the plastic used in the construction, the phone is lighter than the original one but a tad bit thicker (.5 mm) which is negligible. However, there’s 15 grams of difference between the HTC One M8 (160 grams) and HTC One E8 (145 grams) Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone 6 Announcement Imminent?

Apple is all gearing up for the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference commonly known as the WWDC, the conference will be held on 2nd June, this Monday, and everyone is eyeing on the iOS 8, whether or not it’s a big step up from the current iOS version, we are still yet to witness that. Among the anticipation for the new OS version, a lot of fans are waiting for Apple to announce the new iDevices such as; iPhone 6 and the next iPad. So far, we have been treated with a lot of rumours regarding the iPhone, but the latest leak suggests that Apple just might reveal the next iPhone at the event.

Even though the previous leaks suggested that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 somewhere in September, there have been many speculations hinting towards a summer release date for the much anticipated smart phone. The leak reaches us through a very trusted source, and the chances of it being true are quite likely.  Continue Reading →