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HTC One E8 Goes Official

Remember the rumours about a cheaper version of the HTC One M8 that was supposed to be known as HTC One M8 Ace or HTC One Vogue Edition M8 ACE? Well, the device is finally official, thanks to HTC but is coming with a way more simplistic name than the early rumours suggested. Apart from the name change, there are few differences here and there as compared to the original One M8, however, there are possibilities that people would prefer this over the original.

As compared to the aluminum unibody of the HTC One M8, the One E8 will be coming with a unibody made entirely out of plastic probably to lower the production cost, but there’s nothing much to worry about as the E8 is built on the same impressive design its sibling was built on and offers the exact same elegance, just in plastic this time. Due to the plastic used in the construction, the phone is lighter than the original one but a tad bit thicker (.5 mm) which is negligible. However, there’s 15 grams of difference between the HTC One M8 (160 grams) and HTC One E8 (145 grams) Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone 6 Announcement Imminent?

Apple is all gearing up for the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference commonly known as the WWDC, the conference will be held on 2nd June, this Monday, and everyone is eyeing on the iOS 8, whether or not it’s a big step up from the current iOS version, we are still yet to witness that. Among the anticipation for the new OS version, a lot of fans are waiting for Apple to announce the new iDevices such as; iPhone 6 and the next iPad. So far, we have been treated with a lot of rumours regarding the iPhone, but the latest leak suggests that Apple just might reveal the next iPhone at the event.

Even though the previous leaks suggested that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 somewhere in September, there have been many speculations hinting towards a summer release date for the much anticipated smart phone. The leak reaches us through a very trusted source, and the chances of it being true are quite likely.  Continue Reading →

[How To] Root OnePlus One

The Chinese start up company OnePlus quickly took the world by surprise when they announced company’s first smart phone the One. As odd as the name sounds, the One ended up being truly the one. The smart phone was officially announced in April. OnePlus’ one was deemed as the flagship killer. Considering how powerful the phone actually was, the title given to it was quite suitable. Prior to the announcement, there were a couple of leaked AnTunTu benchmarks in which OnePlus One clearly bested devices such as Galaxy S5, Note 3, and Xperia Z.

So… what is so special about this device that everyone wants to get their hands on it? The answer is pretty simple. OnePlus One is the most affordable flagship in the market as of yet and is offering the best specs we’ve seen in any of the phone. The One comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad core processor with each core clocked at 2.5 gigahertz, there’s an Adreno 330 under the hood for all the graphical work, there’s 3 gigs of RAM on board, the phone has a 5.5 inches of display that offers a full HD resolution with a pixel density of 401 ppi. On the back, there’s a 13 mega pixel Sony Exmor camera that offers 6 element lens instead of 4 that we usually get in a lot of phones these days. The camera is capable of recording videos at 4k resolution as well as slow mo videos at 720p. On the front, there’s a 5 mega pixel camera.

OnePlus’ One comes in two variants, one with 16 gigs of internal storage (Silk White) and second in 64 gigs of on board storage (Sandstone Black) However, there’s no micro SD card lot. The phone will be running on exclusively built Cyanogen Mod 11S that is based on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, the device also covers almost all the basic and advanced connectivity options. Lastly, there’s a 3,100 mAh Li-Po battery that will be non-removable.  Continue Reading →

LG G Flex 2 and Vu 4 to Come This Year

Seems like LG G3 isn’t the only phone coming this year. LG announced their current flagship yesterday in an event that was held in London, England. To make sure that the G3 gets all the attention, the Korean electronic giant held another event in Seoul, South Korea. For all those who are wondering what LG was revealing on that event, well, the company didn’t actually reveal anything. However, they did announce that they are currently working on the LG G Flex 2 and LG Optimus Vu 4.

What’s the better part? Both of the smart phones will be hitting the shelves in the second half of this year. This means LG is going to have a busy time provided they receive a good reception from the reported smart phones since it is a no-brainer that the LG G3 would receive an excellent response from the consumers and critics alike.  Continue Reading →

New iPhone and iPads to Have Touch ID

Apple first came up with the Touch ID back in September when they released the iPhone 5s. It was the first device by Apple that featured the Touch ID sensor and it quickly got a critical acclaim from the critics and users a like. Now, the latest report comes from an analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo who works at KGI Securities, according to Ming, Apple is planning on using the Touch ID sensor on all the iPads and iPhones that will be released this year. 

He also stated that since the Touch ID was a big success, Apple is planning on shipping 120 million Touch ID sensors this year, this is an insane amount, but then again, it’s all understandable given the company behind it.

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Galaxy S5 Prime Details Emerge

Earlier this month, we reported that Samsung is planning on launching the Galaxy S5 Prime, the buffed up version of Samsung Galaxy S5, and if so happens, the company will be keeping the availability limited for some reasons. Now another report tells us that a Galaxy S5 Prime has made its way to India for testing, this report can be considered legit since it’s in shape of an import document which clearly mentions that this phone is for testing purpose only and won’t be on retail.

Apart from this, the model number of the phone is also mentioned in the document, to those who aren’t aware, the Galaxy S5 Prime will carry the model number SM-G906, the original variant had SM-G900.  Another interesting thing that was revealed in the import document was the price of the smart phone. According to the document, the Galaxy S5 Prime will be price at INR 21,245 which is equal to $360, this is kind of skeptical since the original Galaxy S5 launched for $600, but since it’s in the early stages. We can’t say much about it. Continue Reading →

Apple on Samsung’s Tail Again

Earlier this month we reported about Apple’s victory against Samsung in a case that was long running, even though the conclusion wasn’t as remarkable as Apple expected but it still managed to give them a sum of money they demanded, $119,625,000 to be precise. It hasn’t been long since the case came to a conclusion and now Apple is once again going against Samsung and this time, even demanding a ban on sales of some specific devices that are said to be infringing the patents.

This time, Apple isn’t demanding any sum of money, but instead, the Californian giant is now heading against a number of devices Samsung released, the list basically covers a lot devices from Samsung’s ever green Galaxy family. Continue Reading →

LG G3 (Korean) Price Confirmed

LG G3 is nearing it’s official announcement (27th May) later this year, and things are heating up as we are moving ahead. There have been a couple of leaks in the past couple of days including leaked spec sheet. Now, the latest revelations brings us the confirmed price of the upcoming LG G3. However, the price is for the Korean variant that goes by the model number F400L, it’s safe to say that the international model will be priced in the same price window.

LG U is a South Korean carrier that has been working under LG itself listed the LG G3 along with the price and other technical details, seems like the Korean variant of LG G3 will be costing $635/KRW650,000. For those who are wondering about the internals, the Korean G3 will have the same specs as the international version, though the colour options will vary. The F400L will be available in three colours; gold, titan and white. 

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