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Viber Sold for $900 Million

Viber Media has decided to sell off it’s highly popular VoIP application that is available all three leading mobile platforms; Android, Windows Phone 8 and iOS. It will be sold to an e-commerce and internet company called Rakuten, the company is based in Japan. The company has said that it will be buying the voice calling and instant messaging application for $900 million. This purchase will be made hoping that it will help the Viber Media, a company based in Cyprus, expand its business business in several other egressing markets.

According to Rakuten, the acquisition of Viber Media, that is currently being run by Talmon Marco, an Israeli entrepreneur, will give the company 300 million users, add this to the current 200 million users and the company will get a total of 500 million users. The Japanese internet giant decide to hold a press conference and issued a statement saying, “As Rakuten aims to become the world’s No.1 internet services company, this acquisition will enable Rakuten to penetrate new markets with multiple digital content offerings.”  Continue Reading →

How to Password Protect your Files and Folders with Sneasky

No matter how open you are with friends and family, there is always something that you would like to be hidden. The same holds true for your virtual data on your PC/Laptop. It can be an embarrassing photo from your childhood, a document consisting of your personal account passwords or a list of your credit card numbers and pins.

The risk of having your private data being seen by others increases if the system you use is also used by your family or friends. For such a situation, you can try a file protection application like Sneasky.

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Remove all unwanted software from your PC with DeCrapifier

Ever wondered whether you could remove all those unwanted and useless applications from your PC? There isn’t really any point of having such software on your system when they’ll probably never be used. All such software (and applications) contribute towards is seriously slowing down your system, the startup procedure, take up a lot of disk space on your hard drive and eat up resources.

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OnAir Player Review : Connect PC, Mobile and TV to Stream Music!

Nowadays, it’s all about having your devices and gadgets connected with the cloud and having to access all your files ‘on the go’. And it’s the same for music as well. In this article, we’ll have a quick look at a very promising music player application out there; the OnAir Player. The featured application will let you play your favorite music on your computer, while having access to it from a remote device; such as your phone for example.

OnAir Player connects all your devices and treats them as one. It can connect devices within your LAN or the internet, which means you can basically ‘stream’ your music files from a laptop in your house, while you’re at your office. Now how cool is that?!

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Clean Up Windows 7 with 360Amigo System Speedup Pro

Having problems with your Windows 7? Is it giving you a headache and not performing like was when you originally had in installed on your system? Generally, with time, your Windows OS gets a lot of information cluttered on the hard drive. The cause for a Windows OS getting slower with time is generally attributed to lack of proper maintenance of your system.

People are quick to blame the hardware, but as most often is the case, the culprit turns out to be the software rather than the hardware. There are numerous amounts of applications and software available that can help you out with treating your system in a much better way and allow you to maintain your Windows OS so that it keeps running smoothly and efficiently.

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5 Best Plugins for Pidgin

Pidgin is a free light weight IM Client which enables you to connect with all the different IM networks at a time. Once you get used to this incredible free program, you might use the word “sexy” as an adjective for its functionality. Pidgin enables you to log in to a Yahoo chat room while chatting with you Google Talk friend. It even lets you use twitter along with your favorite IMs. There are so many plug-ins available for Pidgin which will enhance its performance and features. Following are few of the best plug-ins that we have come across:

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Top 10 NotePad++ Plugins For App Developers

Notepad++ (a.k.a Notepad Plus Plus) is a reliable and streamlined editor (text/code) for the Windows OS platforms, which can be a pretty handy replacement (if needed!) for Windows very own built-in text editor.

Notepad++ is mostly used and loved by programmers, app developers, and web designers, because of it’s much more advanced features in comparison with the default Windows text editor. And what makes the tool even more interesting is the ability to improve its functions and features with the help of the countless plugins that are available, thanks to the creative (and highly active!) development community.

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