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What is Dropshipping and Should I Join DS Domination?

ds domination

 If you are an eBay seller, you will have definitely heard of dropshipping. If you are not too sure about what that means, read on! What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a special technique that involves finding a product on Amazon that doesn’t cost much, such as a mobile phone accessory that sells for $15 and listing it on eBay for ...

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Android Malware Targets Mobile Banking Apps

banking apps

In an alarming turn of events, customers of the four largest banks in Australia and New Zealand had their Android devices compromised by a rather nasty malware attack. The scariest part is this particular piece of malware was able to remove two-factor authentication — which is used for enhanced security — in order to steal account details. Up until now, ...

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3 Ways Big Data Impacts Your Health


Rarely do many of us think about the many ways big data technology has the power to affect our lives. When we do, we tend to think about hot topic issues such as the FBI wanting access to I-phone data or targeted marketing based on our internet searches showing up on our Facebook accounts. We often don’t think about how ...

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Top 6 Blog Post Title Generators 2016 – Ideas for Internet Marketers

Hubspot title generator

One of the most important things about writing a blog post is to write a title that grabs attention. It’s the title that decides whether users click on the blog post or not. Ideally, a title should also contain all the best keywords, so it plays a role in how the blog post gets ranked on Google or Bing. The ...

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5 Apps that Transport you to the Future


We provide the features of 5 Apps that will Transport you to the Future and they all listed here in lostintechnology.com. 5 Apps that Transport you to the Future Back to the Future made a lot of promises that scientists couldn’t keep. No, you still can’t buy a hoverboard. You can’t even rehydrate a pizza in seconds. Despite these and other ...

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Twitter Optimization for Maximum Brand/User Benefit

twitter optimization

Twitter Optimization For Maximum Brand/User Benefit Since the inception of social media, the playing field between large corporations and small businesses in regards to marketing has been leveled. It doesn’t require a multi-million dollar marketing budget to start a Twitter account, but if a brand is interested in getting more people talking about them, they need…

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How Big Data Will Affect Your Workday Before 2017

big data and work

Big data is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, and for good reason, too. Companies are using big data networks and analytics systems to build an efficient sales and distribution process. They also rely on this kind of system to predict and monitor customer patterns. For example, Netflix and Spotify use big data networks to analyze what their ...

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Tech for Environmentalism

tech for environmentalism

Tech for Environmentalism is a big issue for our younger generations and you read about it here in lostintechnology.com There is little doubt that our planet is under extreme stress, primarily as a result of our industrialized society and lifestyle choices. A changing climate and the negative consequences that go along with it are challenges that will likely define younger ...

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