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Twitoaster Helps Your Sort Out Your Replies

Twitoaster Helps Your Sort Out Your RepliesMany of us use social networks to meet others with similar interests.  Whether you are a blogger, doctor, or salesperson, it is guaranteed that you will find at least one other individual who shares your passion on one of these social networks.  As we all know, all of these sites provide a method for you to send someone a message, they reply to that message, and everyone is happy.

What if you have no idea who is sending you a message?  To be specific, what if you use Twitter and tweet three great links about three totally different websites and your friends love them?  Unfortunately, you receive ten replies that read, “Great link!!!” or “Very helpful”, and you have no idea which link they are referring to.  Meet Twitoaster.  Twitoaster is a web based application that allows you to see exactly which tweets your friends are replying to.

Setting Up Twitoaster

The first and only step is simply to follow @twitoaster.  There is no need to register because the website uses your existing Twitter credentials in order to access your stats.  Once you are following Twitoaster, the service will keep track of any of your tweets that people have replied to in a thread-like fashion.  The information includes the @ Twitter name of the person who replied, the message, a timestamp, and their profile picture.

Twitoaster Helps Your Sort Out Your Replies


Although the website does not provide notification options in order to receive details regarding specific “conversations”, it does provide an RSS feed to your Twitoaster profile.  I find the RSS feature very useful, because it allows me to receive my conversations in a location that I check multiple times per day.

Updating Twitter

Twitoaster Helps Your Sort Out Your RepliesEven though the focus is to keep track of your conversations, the website also feature an update box where you can update your status.  The difference is called “extended tweet”, where your message can be up to 420 characters.  When using the extended tweet feature, your message is still 140 characters, however, a link is added at the end which will take you to the Twitoaster page where the entire message can be read.


Twitoaster is an easy to use service that provides a great tool to separate out your replies.  I would say this tool is more geared towards power users, but most users could find a use for it every once in a while.

(By) Juscelino M. Acevedo is an Information Technology professional with a passion for writing.  Aside from Lost In Technology, you can follow his work at his J.M.A. Daily or catch up with him on Twitter.

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