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How to Unlock Android Phone Using Image Touch Pattern

photo lock screen android lock screenPattern and Pin Unlock are the two most famous ways to lock and unlock an Android device. Now in Android 4.0 ICS, you can enable face recognition as well to use your secondary camera as an unlocking tool.

As the face-recognition feature has not yet evolved properly, it cannot be used as a device security replacement but still if you are looking for a different approach to unlock your Android device, I have a completely new idea for you, photo gesture pattern unlock.

Photo Lock Screen is a nifty screen locking app for Android which allows you to unlock your Android device by tapping on particular points of an image in sequence forming a pattern.

Configuring Photo Lock Screen

Download and install Photo Lock Screen on your Android device from Google Play Store. The application is free to use and works on all the devices running on Android version 1.6 and above.

After you have downloaded the app, do not press the home button for the mean while. From your list of installed apps, open the Photo Lock Settings.

Photo Lock Unlock for Android (2) android lock screen

Here, first select the photo you want to use as the lock image. If you can, I would suggest you to crop the image to suit your device display resolution for the best results, as in the current version, photos do not scale that good. After you have selected the image, select the option Configure Lock Screen. You will be asked to record a combination pattern to be used to unlock your device. Basically, all you need to do is touch three points on the image (the order is also important) to create a combination.

Photo Lock Screen (2) android lock screenPhoto Lock Screen (4) android lock screen

If you what to reset and start again, bring the settings option and select the reset button. After you are confirmed, save the pattern and again provide the same pattern to confirm.

Photo Lock Screen (3) android lock screen

Coming back to the setup menu, select the Set Default Home option and choose Photo Lock as your default home screen. Furthermore, before we enable the Photo Lock’s lock screen, it’s mandatory to disable the default Screen lock option that comes with your device. To do so, open your device Settings, select Location and Security and then disable the screen unlock option.

Photo Lock Unlock for Android (1) android lock screen

Having done all the needful, activate the Photo Lock app using the Photo Lock Settings.

That’s all, every time you try to unlock the device, you will be asked to touch the photo on the specific spots and in the correct order to unlock your device.


The only thing to worry about the app is, it does not provide 100% protection. A person can simply restart your phone and uninstall the app by the time the service starts on the device. Moreover, even a slight deviation in the lock patter will result in a failure. If you fail repeatedly, you will be logged out from your device Google account you need to sign in again to keep the things rolling.

So try out the app today and share with us your overall experience.

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