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What is iOS Assistive Touch and How You Can Use it

photo 1 What is iOS Assistive Touch and How You Can Use itApple introduced the future of Assistive touch in iOS 5 but not many know about this feature. While exploring my iPod the other day, I accidently stumbled upon it and fell in love with. So today I am going to talk about what Assistive Touch is and how you can use it on your iOS devices.

What is Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is an accessibility feature of iOS devices using which one can enter multiple finger gesture using a single finger or even use hardware keys function like lock screen, volume control of the on-screen virtual buttons.  In a general sense the assistive touch feature was introduced for people with impaired physical and motor skills but it can be used by everyone. Suppose you are holding a coffee in one hand and you want to zoom in on a photo on your iPhone. There might be instances where your iPhones hardware button might be damaged and you wish to return to the home screen or just lock the device.

In such scenarios iPhone accessibility feature assistive touch can be very useful. One can easily perform multi-finger gestures using just one finger and perform operations normally performed using iOS device hardware keys.

How to use Assistive Touch

To turn on Assistive Touch open your iOS Settings and navigate to General Settings. Here navigate to Accessibility—>Assistive Touch and turn it on. Just as you turn on the assistive touch, you will see a small translucent white dot on your screen. That’s the icon to initiate Assistive Touch. This white Assistive Touch button will be visible on all the apps and can be just dragged and dropped on any corner of the screen.

photo 2 What is iOS Assistive Touch and How You Can Use itphoto 3 What is iOS Assistive Touch and How You Can Use it

To use Assistive Touch, simply click on the button to open the Assistive Touch options. The Siri and the Home button serve the usual. The device section gives the option to lock screen, use volume up and down function and rotates the screen on compatible apps.

photo 5 What is iOS Assistive Touch and How You Can Use itphoto 4 What is iOS Assistive Touch and How You Can Use it

The Favorite section takes care of multi-touch gestures and lets you use them with just one finger. Some common gestures like pinch to zoom is available by default but if you need some additional app specific multi-touch gesture you can add them as favorites. To use the gesture select one and just point on the screen where you would like to perform the gesture and just tap on it to perform the gesture.

Here’s a video to give you a clear overview on assistive touch.


So what do you think about assistive touch, do you think it’s useful for even people who are not having physical disability? I use assistive touch while browsing when I am sipping my coffee. Do try it out and share your experience.

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