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10 Reasons Laptops are Better than Tablets

If you’re currently weighing up whether you need to spend your hard earned money on a new iPad (or a similar Android based device), then ask yourself a couple of questions before you go ahead and splash the cash. Firstly, does anyone actually need an iPad? And secondly, what can it do for you than a laptop can’t do better?

In this article, we look at ten reasons why you might want to wait on purchasing that tablet you have your eye one.

(1) Laptops are far more robust and will not get damaged as easily as tablets.

Clearly by their size and width and the fact that the screen is unprotected, a tablet is going to be more vulnerable to damage. Unless of course, you get a cover to act as a lid. But adding a cover will essentially make your tablet look like a laptop.

(2) Tablets are easier to lose.

Sound stupid? Just think how much easier it is for a thief to get away with your mobile phone or tablet sitting on a table or in your bag, than it is for them to grab your laptop. Laptops are a lot bulkier, and you’ll notice instantly if they are gone.

(3) Laptops offer more privacy.

If you’re anything like me, and you do a lot of work in a coffee shop, then you’ll want that laptop lid in the way to stop people at the next table from reading your important documents. (Or watching you play Call of Duty). On a tablet everyone around you can see what you’re doing (including filling in passwords).

(4) Laptops have way more connection options.

Tablets are good for a lot of things but connecting to other devices is not one of them. Most tablets will let you connect to other stuff via Wi-fi. Unless you’re telepathic, that’s often your only option to connect your tablet with any other peripheral. Laptops on the other hand offer you Bluetooth, USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, HDMI, eSata, VGI or DVA as well as all kinds of audio and optical connections.

(5) Tablets don’t even compete when it comes to storage capacity and processor ability.

You better be a big fan of the cloud if you get a tablet, because they come with next to no storage. And forget trying to perform and serious processing with a tablet. You don’t buy them for that.

(6) Tablets are no use if you want to edit media on the fly.

If you find you need to edit an image or work on an audio file while away on business, a laptop will handle that easily. Tablets will struggle with anything other than the most basic of word processing tasks.

(7) Tablet operating systems are still in their infancy.

Laptops will be running on Windows or Mac which have been around for years and work efficiently .  Tablets on the other hand are run on either iOS 5, Android or Blackberry operating systems, and there are still a number of kinks to be worked out with all of these.

(8) Tablets really only work online.

Basically, a tablet is only any good if you’re connected to wi-fi.

(9) Laptops can be upgraded.

Once you buy that tablet, that’s it. You can’t improve it in any way, even when it starts to get outdated. A laptop on the other hand can have its memory upgraded, a new optical drive added or a battery replaced and upgraded.

(10) Laptops give you more bang for your buck.

Laptops aren’t that much more expensive than tablets (many are the same price) and yet they come with so much more that it makes no sense to buy a tablet over a laptop, unless you just want it for browsing the Internet in your lounge. Which you can do with a laptop.

(By) Alex is a freelance journalist and blogger. He loves writing about all things tech and mac, but these days seems to mostly working on SEO Copywriting.

  • Guest

    You can play Call of Duty on tablets???

  • Luis De Bastos

    Sorry, but the reasons supported for points 2, 3, 6 & 9 are simplistic and totally refutable…

  • mikia

    100% agree

  • Sandie5740

    My friend last week realized that her new iPad2 was in the middle of a pile of newspapers that were thrown out…………….

  • Americanshores

    I totally agree…..Tablets, are just the fad of the moment.   Laptops are much more reliable and can connect to all kind of media.  Not so with a Tablet.   I love my 12.1inches Dell latitude 420 is a little bigger than a 10″ tablet, but can do things that I tablet can only dream about.  It cost me a fraction of the price of an Ipad or similar product.

  • Kapil

    The author Alex Simmonds is so much wrong that I can only laugh at him. A tablet is available for Rs. 3000 also whereas laptop/netbook starts at Rs. 15000 & he says laptops aren’t much expensive than tablets. Is he living in real world or has no connect with the practicalities.

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