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Check How Much Space Each Modern UI App is Using in Windows 8

Few days back, I showed you how you can determine which iOS app installed on your iPhone, iPod and iPad takes up the maximum amount of storage spaceon your device and how you you can uninstall them to free up some space for other stuffs you want to store in your device. Today  I am going to how you how you can do the exact same thing on a Windows 8 machine. People who are using Windows 8 Pro version on their computer with gigabytes of memory to spare would not find this article helpful enough but if you are a Windows 8 RT user who is working on a tablet with limited memory to spare would definitely like to know each app memory consumption when it comes to storage. So lets see how we can determine it for Modern Apps that are installed in Windows 8.

Windows 8 Modern App Space Consumption

1. Open Windows 8 Charm Bar by using the touch gesture or the Windows+C shortcut key and select Settings. windows 8 charm settings 2. Select Change PC Settings in Windows 8 Charm Setting bar to open the Modern UI Control Panel for Windows 8. This is an all new Control Panel is launched in Windows 8 and contains all the settings related to Modern User Interface of Windows 8. change PC Settings 3. Click on General Settings on the left sidebar under PC Settings and click on the button View app size located under Available Storage. view app size 4. After you click on the button, Windows 8 will determine the size of Modern UI apps that are installed on your computer. This might take some time depending upon the number of apps that you have installed on your computer or tablet. app size The list will be arranged in descending order and you can see the name of the app along with the size it takes on the disk. The bad thing is, unlike iOS, Windows has not provided any provision to uninstall the app directly from the list and you will have to uninstall the app you would like manually. uninstallTo uninstall an app, simply right-click on the app tile in the Start Screen and select Uninstall from the list of options that are given to you.


So that was how you can see which Modern App takes up the largest quota on your disk. I am sure Windows 8 tablet users who are constantly trying to free up storage space to make place for new items will find this trick very useful.

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