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How To Put Your Favorite Webpage on Your Windows XP Desktop

Most people have a favorite website that they like to check consistently throughout the day.  It is their favorite source of information and entertainment.  Today, I’m going to tell you how to get this webpage on your Windows XP desktop.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t  replace your internet browser, but it does give you a head start.  It will give you that quick peak into the website of your choosing that may satisfy your thirst for knowledge for at least a few minutes.  Well, Let’s get to the steps.

The Steps

First off, right click on your desktop and choose Properties, then in the desktop tab, choose the background as none and click on Customize Desktop.


Now, click on the web tab. The list of webpages shows you what URLs you have added.  If you haven’t added any, click New to add a new URL to the list of webpages

In the new window that pops up, just add the URL of the site you want in the Location box and click OK.


At first, the new desktop item you just added will look like a small square , but you can resize it by dragging the corner to the preferred size. You can add as many pages as you like to your desktop simply by checking more than one site in the webpages list at the same time.

Locking the Windows

When you’re done and feel happy about the look of your desktop, go to the web tab again and check the box next to Lock Desktop Items to lock all of your webpages in place.


Removing the Pages

When you move your mouse pointer to the top of one of your desktop windows, you’ll see three options drop down: one will maximize the window to full screen, one makes it a side bar and the X simply closes the page all together.  If you want to bring the page back up again, all you have to do is just go the webpages list and make sure the site is checked.

Enjoy your customized desktop!

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