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How to Recover a Forgotten Windows 7 Password

From the good old days of Windows 98, Microsoft had a system of storing the password and login information for all users in a SAM file. This file is further encrypted to make its content unreadable and any access to it is denied. However, that is true as long as Windows is running.

Now, let us consider this scenario. You have lost your Windows password and have a ton of software installed. You do not want to install it again and although you know the password is in that file, you can do nothing abut it! Apparently, that is about to change.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a great utility to recover Windows passwords on just about any version, be it Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Win7.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Get the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor from its homepage at pogostick. You will get an ISO image in the zip file. Burn it to a CD and boot from the CD, just like you would install Windows.

After you boot, the software will show you a list of Windows installations and ask you which one you would like to reset. Each installation is accompanied by a number on the left. Enter the number, and you will prompted for the location of the registry. The default option is selected in it, and you need to press enter to confirm. The next screen asks for what you want to do. You want to do a password recovery. So enter 1 and enter 1 once again to choose “Edit user data and Passwords”.
Now, you must be wondering why I am guiding you through the process if it is so easy and can be done by pressing 1 and enter each time. The truth is, at the final step, the default selected action is quit!

Now that you know, read carefully at each step and proceed to change your password. The tool cannot actually recover the exact password you had but it can reset it. That works great for most people.


A forgotten Windows password can give you a bad computer day and just the thought of re-installing all the software sends chills down the spine. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a lifesaver and is highly recommended.

(By) Chinmoy Kanjilal is a technology, web2.0 and Linux enthusiast and evangelist and Android fanboy. He has an in depth knowledge of working of Softwares, Operating Systems, Hardwares and Computer Networks. Blogging is his favourite pasttime. He blogs primarily at Techarraz and can also be seen at Techie-Buzz and Androidedge. You can find him on Twitter @chinmoykanjilal.

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  • Juscelino M. Acevedo

    I think these types of tools are great for technicians like myself. However, it is also worth noting that they can be very dangerous and used for maliscious purposes. At the same time, it is good to know that they need physcial access to the machine. Great post!

    • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

      Great point! Everyone should always be aware of the ways tools like this could be used in a negative way.

  • Jesuswu

    Yes, Make sure that you do these option on your computer or another computer with the owners permission only.
    But it is not easy for new user!
    I recommend another Windows Password Recovery tool — Windows Password Reset Standard.
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    I would like to recommend the Windows Key Finder 1.3 – it is the easiest and the most effective password reset utility that I have ever used.

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