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Launch Multiple Applications at the Same Time with Windows 7 App Launcher

Many of us have routine tasks to do and it requires us to use multiple apps in order to cater to our needs. However, we go about opening these applications one by one and waste lots of time in navigating to their location. Alternatively, many of us have shortcuts created for these apps on our desktops. This helps, but it can clutter up our screen or taskbar.

Here is a handy app that can be used to manage opening applications in a group. See it as a single shortcut to opening multiple applications. Let us take a look at how to use Windows 7 App Launcher  (7APL).

What is 7APL?

7APL is an application for Windows 7 which you can use to launch single applications or groups of applications with a single hot key. It allows you to create several profiles and group applications you frequently use under the profiles to launch them all at once when needed. Follow the link to download 7APL.

How to Get Going?

After you have downloaded the application, unzip the folder and run its .exe file. You do not have to install anything. The app opens on the Welcome tab where you can check mark basic settings or choose to open the app as a gadget.

Head over to the New Profile tab to create one. Give it a name and start your customization.

You can add all the required apps to the profile group by browsing over to them. They will appear in the box on the top-right. Double click on any one to edit further. You may also choose you own set of hotkeys to launch the specified profile. To change the profile picture, double click on it or drag and drop a picture.

How to Launch a Profile?

You may launch your app-group from the profile tab of the application. You can also use the user specified hotkey. However, 7APL must be running to have the hotkey working. Hovering over the 7ALP icon on the taskbar is another option.

Click on the green arrow to launch the preview profile. Use red arrows to toggle among more profiles. If you have it pinned to the taskbar, right clicking also gives you a launch option.

Change Profile to Category

To have more flexibility on a profile, you may change it to a category. Doing so allows you to launch individual items from the list if you want to skip group launching. Check the option on the profile tab and hit settings to manage names of included applications.

Giving an alias to each path helps in easy identification. Update the Alias for each change and save the entire thing at the end.

In order to use this feature, you must pin 7APL to taskbar. Right click on the icon to see “Switch” option instead of ”Launch”.

Hitting it will show the list of apps in the profile to allow selective launch.


7APL has really simplified my routine task of launching a series of applications to start my blogging session. I find it of great use to have profiles created on coding, internet and lots of tasks I work on.

(By) Sandeep Agarwal is an engineer and tech fanatic who has a lot of appetite to explore hidden difficulties in technology drift. He loves to explore and devise the latest software and technologies.

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