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Use Ultimate Windows Tweaker to Tweak Windows 7

windowsNo matter how much we pay for an operating system, we still end up being unsatisfied with some of the features. And it gets far more annoying when you don’t have the  option to tweak or modify them at your own will.

Thankfully, we do get some aftermarket freewares to help us out. While most of them aren’t official (in fact none of them were official besides Tweak UI for Windows XP), they do a pretty decent job of letting you fine tune you’re OS by doing the dirty work for you.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is one such utility that lets you tweak your Windows Vista and Windows 7 installations with ease.

The application easily detects you’re appropriate version of Windows and configures itself accordingly. Here is a quick rundown of what you can do with it.



You can customize various settings in Windows Explorer, the Start Menu, and the Taskbar. Though some of these settings can be set on their own from their respective configuration dialogs, it’s more convenient to configure everything from a single page and see how the results would be like.

User Accounts & UAC


The only worth tweaking feature here is the Log-on Screen background which you can otherwise change by editing the registry. Other than that, you don’t get a lot of options. In fact, you’re taken to Windows’ built in UAC control to change its settings.

System Performance


You can tune some stuff that would speed up Windows a bit. Of course, you’d have to sacrifice on a couple of features. Most settings here do work well and may help on some low end systems.

Security Settings


You can disable a lot of things in this panel, and this is strictly for those business environments where you don’t want your employees messing around with stuff. Most of the stuff here can also be configured via the Group Policy Editor.

Network Tweaks


There are some very welcoming tweaks here in the Bandwidth Optimization section. You can limit the reserved bandwidth for the Quality of Service Scheduler service (doesn’t sound right, I know) as well as tune your internet connection.

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer settings? I don’t use IE so I’ll pass on these.

Additional Tweaks


These are some rather interesting options. Most of the stuff here is something I would want on my computer. Common File and Folder tasks can be added to the context menu along with the option to modify some general Windows features like Page File and Hibernation. You can even add/modify/remove your OEM branding.


That’s about it for this tool. While I won’t usually use most of the features provided by it, some of the tweaks it offers are really helpful and productive. To give you an idea, all the screenshots above are the settings I choose for my Windows 7 Ultimate. If you know a better tool, or would just like to share your opinion on this one, then please do leave a comment.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Article By Uzair Sajid (UzEE), a technologist and a freelance blogger who also authors The Technopath.

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  • Jibiscoe

    Nice find, thnks for da share

  • Yaro

    No thanks. I’ll stick with Linux. It’ll always be 20 steps ahead of Windows in tweakability and flexibility.

    I have yet to see any version of Windows actually get close to Linux in any technical aspect.

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