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Xbox One Plex App is Ready, While Still Waiting for 360 Version


Plex media player/center is one of the most famous app for Xbox and it has soon unveiled  Xbox One Plex App. This app is already available for free download for the users who benefit of a Plex Pass membership. Another release, which aims the Xbox 360, is still awaited, but it is expected for later this year.

A few words about Plex

Plex is offering apps on various platforms, including:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360

The introduction of these new versions of  Xbox One Plex App and the soon-to-come for Xbox 360, is expected to bring a lot of benefits to both Plex and Microsoft. This release is especially seen as beneficial for Xbox, since Plex has not yet announced any versions available for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. Even more, since Sony has made its strong debut in the area of next generation console, the Windows maker needs to take advantage of any opportunity that occurs in this field.

xbox one plex app xbox one plex app

What does Plex do?

Generally speaking, Plex is capable of turning devices into media streamers.It is for the first time when Plex has been released in its current version for Xbox One Plex App. Plex was originally known as Microsoft console, then Xbox Media Center, then XBMC and only now it got to Plex. Nowadays, this is an enhanced app and service. Although every change has brought its importance in the history of Plex, the new release from this company shows a clear improvement in the trademark, which has obviously increased its standards regarding the functionality of its apps and also regarding its appearance.

Advantages of Plex

Plex aims to allow the user to organize large libraries of content and in order to do so, this app is made in a manner to make it easy for the user to do this. Previous apps of Plex were also easy to use, and the new version for Xbox One Plex App is also very easy to use and it supports a wide selection of file formats. With all its benefits, Plex is expected to soon become one of the preferred app for Xbox One users.

Plex availability

For the moment, Xbox One Plex App is free to download for the users who own a Plex Pass, while it is available for the price of $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year for those who don’t benefit of a Plex Pass. This app is also available for lifetime, for the price of $149.99.

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