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Reasons Why Nexus Devices Are Better

If you are in the market for a new, high end phone. You’re either going for an Apple iPhone or any Android coming from the big boys like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and LG, and why not? They provide us with most powerful hardware and unique features. All the major OEMs like Sony, Samsung LG and HTC recently came up with their flagship devices, so there are high chances that you will be getting one of those devices. But what if you are told there are devices that are almost as powerful as those flagship but are relatively cheaper? At first, it seems like a dubious idea but it actually is true.

The phones that are being talked about here are none other than Google Nexus devices. Now these devices are also manufactured by the likes of Samsung (Google Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 10) HTC (Nexus One) LG (Nexus 4, Nexus 5) Asus (Nexus 7, Nexus 7. 2013) these phone are basically running on stock Android, otherwise known as Vanilla Android, and doesn’t have any additional bloat installed. These devices go on sale directly on the Google Play Store and are very cheap. Despite having only one downside, there’s nothing that should stop you from getting a Nexus device. Unless of course you are a fan of the skins and features that are installed by OEM.

If this hasn’t convinced you, we’ve narrowed down a list of reasons that should be enough to convince anyone with a brain to get a Nexus device over a non-Nexus device.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Official. S5 GPe Coming Soon?

Remember the rumours surrounding Samsung releasing the mini version of the current flagship Galaxy S5? Well the rumours were true as Samsung finally went official with the Galaxy S5 Mini. However, that isn’t the only news. Seems like Samsung is prepping a Galaxy S5 GPe (Google Play edition) as well. The leaks regarding the GPe have been circling for quite some time now, but the latest rumour is quite strong considering the source it comes from. For now, let us move on to the main attraction.

The Galaxy S5 Mini was quite obvious considering how Samsung started the tradition after the Galaxy S III was released. Previously, we’ve seen the mini versions of Galaxy S III as well as Galaxy S4, and now Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5 Mini. Samsung isn’t the only one with this tradition, Sony and HTC has done it as well, and recently, LG did the same. It’s a good way of providing a flagship experience at a lower cost, but cost isn’t the only thing that gets effected here. The specs are toned down as well, but it’s understandable enough.

So what are we getting with the Galaxy S5 Mini? Well, for instance, Samsung has decreased the screen size from 5.1 inches to 4.5 inches, that’s not all, the resolution is also lower. The S5 used an FHD screen. However, the Galaxy S5 Mini will be coming with 720p resolution. Surprisingly, the Galaxy S5 Mini weighs a hefty 120 grams. In case you don’t know, the Galaxy S4 Mini only weighed 107 grams.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 Makes Big Splash in the Tablet Market

Tablet prices are going down, down, down but there’s always going to be a market for higher-price niche devices. Why? Market intelligence firm IDC has predicted tablets will outsell desktops and laptops in 2015, and that means a diverse customer base will be buying. There will always be a strong market for budget tablets but that doesn’t mean devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 can’t hold their own – especially when a higher price tag brings with it top notch features. Flash Recovery Samsung Galaxy Note 10 1 2014 Edition Galaxy Note 10.1 Makes Big Splash in the Tablet Market

The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition offers plenty that goes above and beyond competitors and even the original Note – updates to hardware, software and design have been lauded on sites like – with just a few very minor hiccups. Here’s what’s new: Continue Reading →

Nokia X2 is Now Official

Remember the report citing that the Nokia X2 (successor to Nokia X) will have an improved hardware as compared to the predecessor? Well, the phone is finally official, and it does come with improved hardware. Despite getting some upgrades here and there, the phone is nowhere near the flagship status. The phone also comes with a larger display and accompanying the display is Nokia’s proprietary ClearBack Display.

Moving on to other technical details, the screen still offers the same resolution (800 x 480 pixels) and offers a pixel density of 217 ppi which should be enough, considering the screen size of the phone. Under the hood, the processor has also received an update, and now the Nokia X2 comes with a dual core Snapdragon 200 processor with each core clocked at 1.2 gigahertz, there’s also 1 gigs of RAM accompanying the Nokia X2. One of the most prominent features apart from the display and the upgraded processor is the latest addition of the home button.

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HTC Prepping The Next Nexus Tablet?

We have been hearing that HTC will be jumping on the bandwagon of releasing a Nexus tablet, so far we have seen Samsung and Asus producing the Nexus tabs and now it seems HTC is going to do the same. It’s quite understandable since HTC was also behind one of the earlier Nexus phones, the Google Nexus One. The rumours suggested that HTC will be releasing a tablet that will either sport an 8 inches or an 8.9 inches of screen, the rumours now have started to get concrete as more information about the upcoming tab has been leaked.

The latest leak brings an awful lot of details about the upcoming Nexus tablet, the details reveal that the tablet will be having an 8.9 inches screen and will be called Nexus 9, Taiwanese smart phone giant HTC will be taking the helm. Apart from these details, we also got our hands on the technical details of the Nexus 9.

The Nexus 9 will be coming with a resolution of  2048×1440, this might feel awkward to those who are used to the traditional resolution and aspect ratio (16:10) of the previous Nexus tablets. It’s being said that the new Nexus is somewhat similar to the ratio of iPad, but it won’t be the same, however, the report claims that the Nexus 9 will have the aspect ratio of 4:3. This makes it a strange thing, and we’d have to wait till we hear an official word. The Nexus 9 is also codenamed as Volantis or Flounder.  Continue Reading →

Amazon Officially Announces The Fire Phone

Remember the news about Amazon releasing its own smart phone? Well, it’s time, the phone finally is finally official, and it seems quite interesting in terms of hardware and the other aesthetics of the phone. Even though the details are pretty scarce about the device, we still managed to get our hands on some of the key specs of the phone. So let’s get started.

The phone will be coming with a 4.7 inches of HD screen, under the hood, there will be a quad core Snapdragon 800 with each core clocked 2.2 gigahertz, 2 gigs of RAM, and an Adreno 330 GPU. The phone will be coming with 32 gigs and 64 gigs of internal storage. However, we are not sure about if it will be expandable or not. Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A Goes Official

It’s been almost four months since the Samsung Galaxy S5 went official, and ever since, we have been hearing a lot of rumours regarding a beefed up version of the Galaxy S5 probably with a bigger screen resolution and faster hardware. Lot of reports suggested that it will be known as the Galaxy S5 Prime. Well, the rumours were somewhat true, though the phone isn’t known as the Galaxy S5 Prime and will be launching exclusively for Korea.

Today, Samsung went official went official with the Galaxy S5 LTE-A that will be heading to Korea, the phone will be available on all three major carriers. So what does the Galaxy S5 LTE-A has to offer? Well, for starters, the screen size stays the same, but instead of full HD resolution, the screen now comes with QHD resolution, making it the third smart phone to have such a high level of resolution, Oppo Find 7 and LG G3 are already using the resolution. Apart for the resolution bump, the Galaxy S5 LTE-A will be coming with 3 gigs of RAM instead of 2 that was featured in the original Galaxy S5. Continue Reading →

Tips on Buying a Used Smart Phone

Buying the latest and greatest smart phones is surely one of the most common thing people do, but it isn’t actually cheap as smart phones are costing more and more by every passing day. However, buying a phone on contract is an easy way out but then you would most probably have to stick with your phone for two years, this situation isn’t actually any helpful in case you don’t like the phone are you end up falling in love with another phone since you’d have to wait two years to buy the phone you want, or you can spend more cash on buying that phone but it wouldn’t be an ideal situation as it would cost you more, plus the contact of the old phone you’ll be paying for.

So what can be done under such situation? Well, thankfully, there’s a way out. You can always opt for a used smart phone from online retailers OR your local markets, now buying a phone at a cheaper cost is surely tempting, but there are some things you should keep in mind before going ahead with the purchase. There can be several reasons a person would sell a smart phone, one of the several could be some malfunction, regardless of it being a minor or a major one, it’s never a sensible thing to buy a used smart phone without proper inspection. Luckily, there are something that you can keep in mind while going ahead with the purchase of a used smart phone, these tips can help you in scoring the phone you wanted without having to worry much about it.

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