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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs Spotted on UAP

Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet is only few days away from official unveiling. The leaks we have received so far confirm almost all of the specifications. However, if you think that will stop the leaks from storming in, then no. The latest leak is coming from none other than Samsung’s own website. The leak comes in the shape of a UAP (User Agent Profile) and the leak gives us a huge hint of what will the Galaxy Note 4 pack.

Other than the User Agent Profile, another leak showing the IFA poster for the Note 4 was also spotted that also gave away the hint regarding the specification(s) of the phone. The poster was a blurry picture but it was clear enough to tell us that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be having a QHD display. The picture was brought to us by Toranji. You can check out the picture below. Continue Reading →

[How To] Convert Your Android Device Into OnePlus One

For all of you out there who are still waiting to get their hands on the OnePlus One which was released recently and quickly got the title of ”flagship killer’. the Chinese start up OnePlus was a result of former employees who worked at Oppo. The phone quickly became the centre of attention and received a lot of critical acclaim. It offered killer specs in an unbeatable price. However, the invite system was a bit of a bother. But thankfully, even that is being replaced by a pre-order system, this means easier access to the device. The pre-order system will go in motion somewhere in October, later this year.

If you are one of the people who for some reason can’t buy the OnePlus One but want to taste all the software features that are available on it. There is a way you can do it, and it is pretty easy provided you have knowledge about how Android works. Luckily for you, the folks over at HighOnAndroid have created a conversion kit that will help you transform your phone into a OnePlus One. And when we talk about conversion, it is only limited to software. Don’t expect your hardware to magically upgrade itself by just using a simple conversion kit.  Continue Reading →

Sony Xperia Z4 Concept Looks Fulgurant

While every tech geek is waiting for Sony’s upcoming flagship and the successor to critically acclaimed Xperia Z2, the Xperia Z3. Some folks over at Concept Phones are looking at the bigger picture. The Xperia Z3 is set to be unveiled at IFA in Berlin that starts on 3rd September, only 4 more days away, and while the whole world is eyeing towards the Xperia Z3, someone went ahead and released the concept of the Xperia Z4. Now this isn’t the first time we are seeing a concept phone but they way its been done is quite intriguing.

While we wait for Sony to show us the improvements made in the Xperia Z3, we can always take pleasure in appreciating what the Android community has been doing. Let’s skip to the main reason and take a look at the concept Xperia Z4 designed by Victor Cao. But before we proceed, do notice that the design might never come to an official phone, but specs sheet could easily come in near future. Continue Reading →

Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition Goes Official

This just in, the Chinese smartphone giant Huawei went ahead and somewhat announced Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition. It is basically the same as Huawei Ascend P7, but the major difference here is the fact that this smart phone comes with Sapphire display. For those who don’t know, Apple is also expected to release the iPhone 6 that will have Sapphire display as well. The phone will be making its debut in China pretty soon. Since China has been clearly mentioned and he haven’t heard about the countries, there are chances that other countries might not see the Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition since the release will be kept limited.

Rest of the specs will be the same, Huawei stated that they will be adding 4G LTE connectivity and it can be assumed that it will work on China Telecom. However, it can’t be said for sure.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Preview Pops Up

Seems like Samsung wanted to be discrete and launched the Galaxy Mega 2 across several markets in Asia, this is not the first time since Samsung has done that. The phablet started appearing on several Asian websites and only recently, a preview of the Galaxy Mega 2 has appeared on a tech site that goes by the name DroidSans. The preview is very well done and gives us quite an insight of what the device packs and how good it is for is keeping the mid-range market in mind.

Unlike the previous Galaxy Mega phablets, this one comes with no surprise. The name itself suggests a bigger screen and it does justice to the the name itself. If you are one of the people who are interested in buying the Galaxy Mega 2 and you are wondering what hardware does it have to offer, you can check it out below.  Continue Reading →

HTC Desire 510 Goes Offical, Cheap LTE Offering

HTC just went official with Desire 510, a budget smart phone that offers LTE connectivity as well as 64 bit, Snapdragon 410 quad core processor. According to HTC, the desire 510 is company’s most affordable smart phone that has both the LTE and a 64 bit processor under the hood. HTC is currently busy promoting the Desire 510 and are gladly calling it the phone which can do everything you need it to, and for that, you won’t even have to pay the flagship price for it.

It is fairly obvious that you can’t get a flagship phone without paying for the flagship price unless you are buying a OnePlus One. The HTC Desire 510 offers mid-range specs but if you look past them, you get a phone that has LTE connectivity, latest OS version as well as support for SD cards up to 128 gigs. So what’s the affordable bit here?  Continue Reading →

LG G3 Stylus Unveiled

LG went ahead and revealed the LG G3 Stylus. For those who are wondering what this device actually is, it’s basically a toned down LG G3 that comes with a stylus. The phone was supposed to be revealed at IFA in Berlin, but seems like LG was in some sort of hurry,

Despite the fact that the LG G3 Stylus shares the same foot print and the name as LG G3, but its nowhere near its elder sibling. As a matter of fact, the only thing common apart from the looks is the screen size. Rest of the specs put the LG G3 Stylus far behind its sibling. As a matter of fact, it’s more of a low – end device than a mid-range one. Whatever the case was, let’s head towards the specs of the phone. Continue Reading →

New Nexus Rumours Surface

We have some big news about the upcoming Nexus by Motorola. It seems like the phone won’t be called Nexus 6, but instead, it will use a new, much more intriguing name. The report suggests that the upcoming Nexus will be called Nexus X. However, we would like to point out that the name isn’t official as of now and is basically used by Motorola only for the moment but we hope that it gets to be the official name since the conventional Nexus naming game is a bit of a bore now.

The chances of ‘Nexus X’ becoming the official name are quite high, as for the model number, the Nexus X is supposed to have ‘XT1100′ as the model number. That being said, we don’t have more information on the naming scheme at the moment.  Continue Reading →