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Disable android auto update


The android auto update helps keep your Smartphone with the up-to-date apps and bug fixes; however, it comes at a cost in terms of data usage and battery life. Most people would thus prefer to disable android auto update and configure manual installations. By default, all apps downloaded from the Google Play Store have the default update setting ‘On’. This ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is a sophisticated mixture of high speed processing, huge memory, a powerful camera and a long lasting battery. The release of Samsung Galaxy S5 caused a lot of excitement among the users due to the level of optimization of the gadget. This efficient gadget has created speculation in the market towards the arrival of an even ... Read More »

Apple iPhone 6 Review – Full Phone Specifications

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which though have several similarities to the previous iPhones, are more advanced. With their new sleek designs and better performance Apple has been able to address some of the problems in the previous models. A lot of improvements and enhancements in the size of the display, quality of the cameras, battery life and ... Read More »

Best Smartphones to buy in 2015


Talk of the best smartphones to buy in 2015 was rife towards the end of 2014,  a year which was characterized by release of many flagship smartphones.  If 2014 is anything to go by we can expect a lot more in 2015 and customers will have a wide choice from which to select the best Smartphones to buy in 2015. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored Features and Launch


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone is the next in line gadget  in the trademark S series and is likely to be released early 2015. The Galaxy S6 is rumored to be around the corner and its release can be expected early next year. But after carefully analyzing the trends from the previous launches it is safe to assume that the ... Read More »

Latest Apps Announced for Android

Latest Apps Announced for Android

New apps for Android device continue to appear regularly, as Android devices have become more frequently used in today’s world. If you are one of the persons who enjoy using the Android device in daily life, you are most likely interested to know what are the best apps announced for Android. So, Today we have decided to share some the ... Read More »

Smartphone Features That all Users Expect

smartphone picture1

From their humble beginnings smart phones have come a long way. They carry a lot of useful features that help users to carry out various tasks. However, users think that some of these features are essential to be incorporated in every smart phone. And we consider that they are absolutely right as there must be some features that should be ... Read More »

Chargerito. The World’s Smallest Charger


In order to make sure that we will not be plagued with drained off batteries, we carry bulky chargers in our bags but when Chargerito, a small wall charger that hopes to become the world’s smallest one becomes available, we could leave them all at home and put the little charger in our pockets and set off on trips. In ... Read More »

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